Aged Care

Southern Regional Medical Group (SRMG) provides trusted healthcare services to residents of aged care facilities in Albany, Western Australia.

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Anaesthetic Services

At SRMG our Specialist GP’s provide Anaesthetic Services to Albany Health Campus, Katanning Hospital and the Albany Day Hospital.

We also provide Twilight (light) sedation for a number of other procedures, including Dental Service, Vasectomies and Carpal Tunnel procedures.

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Carpal Tunnel Release

Dr David Ward performs Carpal Tunnel procedures under general anaesthetic at Albany Health Campus and Albany Day Hospital and under local anaesthetic at SRMG.

Twilight Sedation is also available for procedures done under local anaesthetic.

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Child Health

At Southern Regional Medical Group our doctors provide expert care for your children from birth to adulthood.

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Chronic disease management & Preventative Health

Our collaborative approach to chronic disease management ensures that we work with you to optimise control of your chronic condition. Chronic diseases include asthma, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and others. Through the development of individualised Management Plans, we provide fully integrated and ongoing care. We rely on smart application of technology and talented doctors, nurses, specialists and other health professionals to focus on your condition and implement the best possible plan that’s tailored to your needs.

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Diabetes Education

Janet Rathbone is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator practicing at SRMG, with specialised diabetes knowledge and skills in the delivery of diabetes care and diabetes self-management education.

Janet specialises in all facets of diabetes care, including; Pre-diabetes, Type 1, 2 and gestational diabetes. She is happy to provide services under a GP Management Plan or privately.

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Diving Medicals

Our specialist GP, Phil Marmion, is experienced in all aspects of Dive and Underwater Medicine.

Phil offers recreational and occupational Dive Medicals for adolescents and adults, and can ensure potential divers are both suitable and capable to undertake SCUBA diving.

Phil brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this service. He is a former Naval Medical Officer with expertise in occupational underwater and dive medicine.

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Influenza and childhood vaccinations

Why fall sick if you can prevent it? The influenza vaccination will protect you against the four most prevalent flu strains. You’ll also be helping to protect the most at risk members of our community like the ill, pregnant and elderly – the more people who are vaccinated the less the illness can spread.

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Medicine for Seniors

As a senior member of our community, we’ll provide you with expert care at SRMG or in your Residential Aged Care Facility. Our goal is to accompany you through your life journey and act as your advocate, helping you navigate complex life and health care decisions.

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Men's Health

At SRMG, we’re passionate about Men’s Health. Whether it’s a sporting injury, concerns about mental health, screening through our Men’s Health Check or management of existing chronic disease, at SRMG, we’ve got you covered!

Busy with work? Our clinic is open after work hours Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings.

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Mental Health

Is anxiety or depression having a significant impact on your life? Our staff are trained in the recognition and treatment of these disorders and can, where necessary, link patients with expert psychological services to ensure the best life for you.

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Occupation & Corporate Health

The benefits of a healthy workforce include increased morale and productivity. At SRMG we foster a close relationship with employers tailoring a range of services to your organisation’s needs.

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Pregnancy Care & Family Planning

With 5 specialist GP Obstetricians at SRMG, you are in expert hands, right from the time you decide to start a family through to birth and beyond.

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Sexual Health

Whilst diagnosis is often as simple as a urine test,
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are very common and many go undetected and untreated.

AT SRMG we can provide medication to treat Chlamydia and Ghonorhoea at no cost to you. If you are concerned about STI’s, make an appointment with one of our friendly GP’s.

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Skin & Mole Clinics

With abundant sunshine in Australia we are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. The earlier this can be detected, the easier the treatment and better the outcome – book your skin check up today

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Telehealth is a health appointment by videoconference, connecting you with medical specialists from all around Australia, without the need to travel too far from home.
This is an important service to regional communities that SRMG is pleased to provide.

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Travel Health

Getting sick while travelling is no holiday at all. No matter how far flung your travels take you, we’ll make sure you have taken the appropriate medical precautions, know what to look out for and how to stay healthy.

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Urgent “On the day” Appointments

We have an on-call doctor available for on the day and urgent appointments.

We also have extended opening hours:

8am-8pm Mon-Friday

08:30-12:00 Saturday

Find it difficult to attend medical appointments during the working day? For your convenience, we are open until 8pm on weeknights and 08:30-12:00 on Saturdays.

Please note: We do not bulk bill after 5pm or on Saturdays.


Dr David Ward performs vasectomies under general anaesthetic at Albany Health Campus and Albany Day Hospital.

Dr Ward also performs vasectomies under local anaesthetic at SRMG. Twilight Sedation  is also available for procedures done under local anaesthetic.

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Veterans Care (DVA)

Womens Health Image

While SRMG are a private billing practice, we do normally bulk bill patients with valid DVA cards during regular business hours.

We also offer specific programs such as Coordinated Veterans Care Program which allows certain DVA gold card holders to access additional support, including your own practice nurse who stays in regular contact with you and keeps your GP informed about your health needs and assists with coordinating your care.

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Women’s Health

We provide world class primary care for women’s health, including family planning, contraception, sexual health, menstrual and menopausal problems, cervical and breast screening, and pregnancy care.

Busy with work? Our clinic is open after work hours Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings.

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