Travel Health

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Our travel health services include:

• Pre-travel assessments

• Education and advice

• Onsite travel vaccinations, including Yellow fever vaccine

• Post-travel assessments

How soon before a holiday should I see a doctor?

To enable adequate time for vaccines to be effective, it is preferable to book travel consults 6-8 weeks prior to travel. Group or family appointments are a great way of ensuring everyone within the travel group takes adequate precautions to stay healthy while away. Please inform reception staff about the purpose and the number of patients attending the appointment when making a booking.

So that your GP can place your travel itinerary in the context of each patient’s unique health story, please download and complete a Pre-Travel Medical Questionnaire
HERE prior to the appointment.

Please phone the practice to book all travel appointments

What does a travel health consult involve?

At SRMG, our goal is to provide you with information and advice based on your personal travel plans, medical history and immunisation history. Given this, every travel consultation is different.

We’ll arm you with written and web-based resources so that you can make the informed decisions before you leave. We will also give you information that may help should you fall ill while away.

We can also give you your travel vaccines on site. Southern Regional Medical Group is an approved Yellow Fever vaccine provider.

If you are concerned about malaria risk at your destination, we can talk you through the latest information and resources, and whether medication is recommended for the place you’re heading to. We can also discuss which specific medication will suit you best.

We will only recommend vaccinations based on the individual’s requirement, itinerary of the traveller, their health status, when the benefit of the vaccine outweighs the associated risk of complications arising from vaccine side-effects, and when the risk of disease and illness is indicated.

Prior to booking an appointment with your doctor, please review vaccines recommendations from the Centre for Disease Control

What if I’m still not feeling well when I return home?

If you return from travel and are not well, we at Southern Regional Medical Group are keen to catch up in person and determine the cause and seek out a solution for your ongoing problems.