Birth Trauma Awareness Week

23rd July 2021

Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2021 runs from July 19 – 25. The birth of a baby is a wonderful and positive experience for many couples but for others it is a mixed or even very negative event.  Trauma refers to a wound which can be physical and/or psychological.


Physical birth trauma might be tearing during delivery, pelvic organ prolapse, muscle damage or Caesarean section.


Psychological birth trauma refers to the disconnect which can occur between birth expectations with what actually happened.  Loss of control, a sense of failure or a feeling of being unprepared can present as depression, PTSD, obsessive thoughts or difficulty boxing with the baby.


Prevention of both physical and psychological birth trauma starts with THINKNATAL – antenatal education which provides honest, unbiased and evidence based information to help women make informed decisions about their care.  The Australasian Birth Trauma Association supports safer births and better healing.



Log onto the Birth Trauma Summit via Zoom from August 23-28. 



This article has been written by Dr Liz Tompkins

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