Dr Ben McKernan

Ben grew up throughout country WA, and in 2013 he embarked on a career as a podiatrist in Albany. However, pursuit of medicine led him back to Perth, where he completed his studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Following this, Ben returned to Albany for his internship, before venturing to the Kimberley region, serving as a resident medical officer in locations such as Broome and Derby. His commitment to rural healthcare was further solidified with the completion of his Diploma of Rural Generalist Anaesthesia, a milestone achieved during his tenure at Joondalup Hospital.

Beyond medicine, Ben loves everything to do with the water, especially in activities like swimming and surfing. He holds a profound appreciation for the Great Southern, considering it the world’s best-kept secret. On his days off, you’ll find him strumming a guitar, savouring a glass of red, and sharing laughter with cherished family and friends.

Ben’s special interests include:

  • Emergency Medicine,
  • Anaesthetics, and
  • Rural and Remote Medicine
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